VES Product suite - siDocsTM



A secure media packaging system for multimedia and 3D media for creating a Secure Information PackageTM


siDocs - Secure Interactive Documents System 

ü      View all information from a single screen:3D media, video, PDF

ü      Screen layout and content completely configurable by the user

ü      Information is encrypted and secured protecting a company’s IP using advanced Secure Content Management technology


siDocs-One Touch VIP (Secured and non-secured)

ü      No install required

ü    Runs from a memory stick


  Virtual Equipment Secure Interactive Documents System –The VES siDocsTM provides a single source for all pertinent content such as maintenance procedures, 3D parts ordering catalogs, training programs and marketing materials. It can contain 3D procedures, PDF documents, videos and any other information all bundled into one self contained package. The viewer is easily configured by the user to appear as a maintenance package, a parts catalog, a complete training program or a complete sales and marketing package. In addition, all information in the viewer information package is encrypted and can only be read by the siDocs Enabler. Further levels of security include password protection and validation against a security server that provides for complete protection of the company’s Intellectual Property (IP). The VES siDocsTM allows your company to distribute any important information to your customers without the risk of the data being copied or distributed to non-registered users.

The VES siDocsTM is comprised of two components, the siDocs Enabler and the siDocs CPMS.


siDocs Enabler – The Enabler is user interface to the information package created by CPMS.


siDocs CPMS – Content Packaging Management System – The CPMS is used to configure the Enabler and bundle all of the information required for a secure package. It allows the user to design the content of the screen layout and add all of the information that is required in the package. This would include 3D materials, videos, PDF documents and any other types of data. The entire package is then encrypted with 128 bit encryption so that it can only be viewed by the siDocs Enabler. CPMS adds all of the security required by a company, including passwords and the capability to validate the user and owner of the information package back to a security server.