NGRAIN Corporation, the leading interactive 3D solution:

NGRAIN delivers unsurpassed interactivity, including the ability for workers to learn procedures by watching 3D simulations and to practice assembly and disassembly tasks in real-time using 3D virtual equipment. NGRAIN allows organizations to deploy highly interactive 3D simulations on PDAs, desktop computers, laptops and tablet PCs without requiring specialized graphics acceleration hardware. 3D simulations can be embedded into Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and web-based courses. NGRAIN is specifically designed to allow subject matter experts, such as mechanics, technicians, instructors and technical writers, to rapidly create interactive 3D procedural simulations and assembly/disassembly tasks. With NGRAIN commercial-off-the-shelf software, creating 3D simulations is as easy as creating a PowerPoint slide.

NGRAIN 3D performance support solutions are successfully being used by leading energy companies such as National Oilwell Varco, Weatherford, Tesco Corporation and others. These solutions are available from Virtual Equipment Solutions, an NGRAIN energy master re-seller. They are also available through other resellers servicing the energy market who are authorized under Virtual Equipment Solutions.