Training Media for the New Generation Workforce

Shorten Training Time with Virtual Hands-on Practice


ü      Deliver new learning solutions to the digital generation

ü      New generation workers learn more from digital interaction rather than tradition written materials

ü      Shorten training on complex equipment by as much as 60%

ü      Train anytime any where with interactive models

ü      Training models can be deployed at the work site for ‘just in time’ training

ü      Easily add audio in any language to complement the interactive materials


VES helps companies shorten training on maintenance and repair procedures by as much as 60%. VES uses 3D equipment simulations to allow students to practice tasks using a 3D virtual model of the equipment, whether in the classroom, at home, or in the field. Training materials and courseware, enhanced by VES, let students interact with virtual 3D equipment in order to achieve a much higher understanding of maintenance or repair procedures. Audio is easily added to allow instruction in any language.

The Test Section allows companies to develop competency training programs around the equipment simulations. The test results can be passed to a Learning Management System (LMS) using SCROM standards.