Secure Media Packaging System - siDocs


siDocs secures your company's Intellectual and Capital Property

 ü      Secure all proprietary documentation and training materials


ü        ü Provide a complete package of information to your customers including 3D media, pdf,                                    videos, schematics, etc. securely to your customers


ü      ü  Protect from unauthorized usage and copying of proprietary materials


ü      All information packages are encrypted and key protected using advanced Digital Rights Management            technology (DRM)


ü      Permit or revoke access to your information packages at any time


If your company sends documents and/or media to your customer  site and is concerned about unauthorized usage, the siDocs system completely protects all information provided to the customer. siDocs prevents any unauthorized access, distribution or copying of the information package. This package can contain the 3D media, schematics, CAD files, videos, pdf's or any other types documents. All of the documents are loaded into a single file that is encripted and locked with a key. This file can only be opened at the customer site with the VES siDocs Enabler if the proper credentials are presented. The Enabler always checks against a remote security server for authentication.

Licensed materials such as training programs cannot be copied. Any documents that are meant 'for your eyes only" can be protected with siDocs. Access privilaeges can be revoked at any time.